Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Legion of Super Heroes Favorites -- Villains

To finish off my expanded look at my favorite characters from Legion of Super-Heroes, I've decided to deviate slightly and focus on a different group:  the Legion's villains.

Honorable Mention


And we return yet again to the "style over substance" discussion for the very distinctively designed mindless brute known as Validus. 


Before the Gap Years, Glorith had a whopping one appearance in the 60s as a henchwoman for the recurring villain The Time Trapper.  However, when the writers did their soft reboot to remove Superboy and Supergirl from the Legion's history, they used Glorith as their vehicle to do so, having her cast a spell to usurp the Time Trapper's place in history. Whereas the Trapper was a figure of mystery and contradictions, Glorith was a creature of desire and cunning driven by a lust for power and an obsession with the Legionnaire named Valor. 

Emerald Empress

Wielder of the mystic object known as the Emerald Eye of Ekron, there have been multiple people to hold this title throughout the years and various reboots, but the common theme tends to be the corrupting influence the Eye holds over them.  While the original Empress is still my favorite, I have found something to like about the subsequent versions as well, especially the Reboot version, who was introduced as a deadly villain in her own right even without the aid of the Eye.

Servants of Darkness

Although I had bought a couple of issues of Legion here and there, it wasn't until 1982 and the beginning of The Great Darkness Saga -- widely regarded as one of the heights of the Legion in all its forms -- that I became a true Legion fan.  And while the master villain behind it all turned out to be a highly recognizable 20th century character, it was the twisted clones that acted as his Servants which captured my imagination, even before I knew who they were.

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