Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Countdown to Halloween Day 9 -- My 5 Favorite Stephen King Horror Movies

Yes, I had to qualify with "horror", as Stand By Me isn't all that Halloweeny.  And to further qualify:  these are my favorite King films, not necessarily the best.  I won't argue against the fact that Carrie is, technically speaking, superior to at least 3/5 of my list, but at the same time, if I have a choice between re-watching it and re-watching any of the below, the choice is easy.

5. Children of the Corn -- You just can't go wrong with creepy killer kids.  Yes, the ending is goofy as all get-out, but in a way, that only endears this to me more. 

4. Creepshow --Probably the first horror portmanteau I ever saw.  Highly stylized film that leans heavily on its comic book framing device, which is probably what made it resonate so much with me at a young age.

3. Silver Bullet -- I haven't watched this werewolf flick in many moons, but back in Elementary school I probably came close to wearing out the video store's copy. 

2. Misery -- The first R rated movie I ever saw by myself at the theater.  Kathy Bates' break-out role blew me away

1. The Shining -- I'm thankful I saw Kubrick's film long before I got around to reading what would turn out to be my favorite King novel; that way I didn't let the changes made color my impression of an excellent, creepy, beautifully filmed work. 

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  1. always up for a good top 5 list; happy countdown to halloween!