Thursday, October 11, 2012

Countdown to Halloween Day 11 -- 5 of My Favorite Horror Songs

A few years back over on Crisis of Infinite Monkeys I did a "13 Clips of Halloween" series of posts featuring music videos with a Halloweenish flavor, but many of them were regular songs with horror themed videos. Below are some of my favorite songs that actually have horror-flavored lyrics.

"Halloween" by Steven Lynch --Lynch has become one of my favorite musical comedians, and this disturbing and creepy song was my introduction to his twisted sense of humor.

"Fright Night" by the J Geils Band -- Yes, this song is incredibly dated, but young Todd fell in love with it just as much as the movie it appeared in, so the nostalgia factor is high.  Plus, how can you not love a song with a lyric like "can't you see he's tearing us apart/ I've got to drive a stake right through his heart"?

 "I Am Vampire" by Crankcaller -- couldn't find a video for this enjoyably creepy song about a would-be vampire, but did at least find a link to the song itself

"Lake Pontchartrain" by Ludo -- It's really hard to pick just one horror-themed song from Ludo -- how do you choose from the psycho-killer's plaintive-yet-horribly-depraved love ballad "The Horror of Our Love" or the celebration of the danse macabre "Skeletons on Parade"? In the end, I had to go with the cautionary tale of "Lake Pontchartrain"

"Vampires Will Never Hurt You" by My Chemical Romance -- Much like with Steven Lynch's "Halloween", this vampire hunter love song was my introduction to My Chemical Romance; while I've become a fan of the band, this song holds a special place in my heart.

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