Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Countdown Day 7 -- My Top 5 Halloween Costumes

Growing up, I was never one to concern myself with originality in my Halloween costumes, generally relying on the cheap store-bought costumes with pictures of the character I was supposed to be emblazoned across the chest.  When I got older, relying on those costumes was no longer an option, so I was forced to branch out.  Here, then are my favorite former Halloween costumes.

5. Yar's Revenge -- Okay, so, while this is an example of the cheap costume I referenced above, it will always hold a special place in my heart because of the strange insectoid mask, which was a departure from the usual super-hero faced masks I gravitated towards

4. Cyclops -- A pre-packaged costume, which makes it only marginally better than the cheapo costumes of my youth.  Still, the fact that one of my child-hood heroes had actually gotten popular enough to warrant a pre-packaged costume was pretty cool to me.

3. Mullet Man -- epitome of the last-second shopping style of costume creation, this incredibly inexpensive mullet wig got some of the best reactions of any costume ever -- at least one co-worker still references it as one of the most disturbing costumes I've worn to the office party

My favorite part is that it makes it look like I'm wearing a shirt for some heavy metal band named Grendel, instead of a comic book shirt
2. Axe Cop -- It took visits to multiple costume shops to put this one together.  I spent most of my time trying to explain to everyone who I was supposed to be; hopefully I managed to expose a good number of people to the work of the Nicolle brothers.

1. Dr. Horrible -- Best part of dressing up as a character from a musical?  Perfect excuse to burst into song at a moment's notice.

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