Thursday, October 25, 2012

Countdown to Halloween Day 25 -- 5 Favorite Horror-Comedy Comic Books

Soulsearchers and Company -- Part of Claypool Comics' "Fear City" books, Soulsearchers actually began its life as a pitch from writer Peter David who was wanting to do a series at Marvel about Daimon Hellstrom and his wife Patsy Walker (formerly the super-heroine Hellcat) as occult detectives.  After the pitch was rejected, David reworked the concept into this humor-laden series. Filled with puns and pop culture references as much of David's work is, the series took shots at all sorts of horror and comic book tropes.

Wolff and Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre / Supernatural Law  -- This series by Batton Lash follows a couple of lawyers who specialize in cases with a supernatural slant.  Much like Soulsearchers, Supernatural Law referenced a ton of different horror stories, only with a bit less punnage. You can read some of Wolff and Byrd's adventures online for free

Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service -- This manga series follows a group of oddballs with a range of unusual skills such as embalming, dowsing for dead bodies, and communicating with the spirits of dead who, having trouble findiing work, start their own company based on finding corpses and then trying to fulfill the dead's last wishes in hopes of it leading to some sort of reward from the living.  There are some moment of real horror sprinkled throughout the series, but the tone leans more heavily towards humor based around the strange members of the crew.

Goon -- Eric Powell's hilarious series about a no-nonsense gang enforcer who constantly finds himself having to fit supernatural creatures such as vampires, zombies, witches, giant squids, and skunk apes, is hard to do justice to with a brief description.  So, instead, check out this proof of concept video for a proposed film

I want this to happen so much

Boneyard --Richard Moore's Boneyard is the story of Michael Paris, a young man who inherits a graveyard inhabited by a wide range of supernatural beings, from Nessie, an oversexed female Creature from the Black Lagoon (with a jealous Frankenstein monster husband),  to Glump, a bumbling demon exiled from Hell for doing something nice who is constantly trying to take over the world but is more Pinky than Brain.   Honestly, Glump is the reason this book is #1 on my list; yes, the rest of the cast is great, but Glump is a non-stop fun-ride. 

Honorable Mention: Blue Devil --If you haven't guessed it yet from the fact that I've managed to work a mention of him into the last 4 days worth of posts, I'm a fan of Blue Devil, or at least the pre-selling-his-soul version of BD.  And while the horror elements in the series were really too sparse to earn it a true spot on the list, I just had to give it one last shout out.  Plus, part-way through the run, long-time DC horror anthology hosts Cain and Abel became partial cast members, after BD moves into The House of Weirdness.

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